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Our Federation is a non-profitable association, Law 1901, based initially in France on 13/11/1976 at Toulouse (31). In the current year of 1990 was transferred in Belgium and on the year 2011 the Federation’s base returned in France at Cancale (31).

According to our Statutory, our Federation is operating within an international interest, achieving non-profitable goals in the following way:

  • In bringing together the various associations of all countries, whose members are exclusively users of the motorhomes, with the purpose of the protection and insurance of our common interest,
  • Mobilize the affiliated associations in the objective of defending and assuring the common interests,
  • To encourage contacts between the users of motorhomes,
  • To respect the nature. In particular to respect the environment at the various sites by a well judgment of parking. Non unlimited stay, and not pollute the environment,
  • To promote the Image of its members that is to say the users of motorhomes, by implementing courtesy, tolerance, and correct manners.

The Federation is proposing, in order to achieve its goals, the following activities:

  • To participate at the annual meetings EURO CC, and other national gatherings etc,
  • To collaborate in the creation of journals, magazine, brochures,
  • Contacts with the manufactures of motorhomes,
  • Maintain good relations with the local or international authorities,
  • Promote the construction of services areas for the motorhomes,
  • Relations with European Institutions, direct or through other organisations.

The FICM actually reunite members coming from Germany Belgium, Spain, France, Great-Britain, Greece, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. All representatives of above countries, as well as the elected administrators, are volunteers meeting twice a year at the General Assembly.

Under the hospice of our Federation, every year is organised in a different country a meeting so called EURO CC, by one of our adherent clubs. Subsequently a thousand motorhomes are found gathered together in a nice and very much appreciated site.

Our Federation is obliged to maintain good contacts and continuous communication with the various authorities in particular with those concerning the legislation on the weight of our cars of leisure, and on the different categories of driving licences, in order to achieve in Europe a common agreement.

Internal exchanges by the different clubs associated to our Federation, is an important issue to transmit ideas and experiences from one member to another.

By this way, the FICM is the main European interlocutor in what concerns the dialogue between motorhomes, legislative, and touristic authorities, of the different countries.

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